Common Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Car Stereo System

Audio systems are entertaining and significant in cars. Navigating long distances or fighting traffic demands hours, so having right music sound inside keeps the atmosphere pleasant. It even helps driver to escape the boredom of roadblocks and asphalts.

If your current arrangement is horrible then it is time to buy a sensational car stereo system. Go in search for car audio shop near me and do some research, so that you end up getting excellent performing speakers. Make sure to stay away from some common issues, while choosing car speakers.

Car stereo system comprise of three different sections

  1. Source – AM/FM turner, Satellite radio, CD/DVD player and more
  2. Preamp – Sound adjustments
  3. Amplifier – small audio signal from Preamp gets boosted

Common mistakes to avoid while buying car stereo system

Branded is good but sound quality is worthier

Buyers check the brand name of car stereos but ignore its sound quality. Sometimes, branded car speakers may not be capable to project and disperse quality sound necessary to enjoy. Sound controls and adjustments like parametric equalisation and time correction are available for high-end receivers. You can tweak sound with it. Price must not be the main decisive factor but sound quality must.

Ignoring cool appearance

Car audio system with cutting edge layouts and high-tech display will undoubtedly improve the car interior appearance. Usually, buyers ignore the fact that appearance of sound system matters. Tailored color scheme and animated display makes the system look cool. The major feature to look for is color that flashes as the music beat flows from the stereo.

Speaker style choice is incorrect

A full range audio system and component system are two options the buyer gets. Full range speakers are basic system, where all components including tweeters, subwoofers, and super tweeters are enclosed in a single group. One speaker group is installed on both front doors.

People choose these because these are more affordable, cheap to install and occupy less space. If you mainly listen to radio, audiobooks and podcasts then you will not be able to notice much difference. For better sound quality of the music, it is worthy to install component speaker system.

Sensitivity issues

If you are replacing the current car stereo then ensure that the speaker you choose has right output power. High powered [<16 watts RMS/channel] and low powered [>15 watts RMS/channel] are two categories to opt from. For low-powered stereos choose high sensitivity speakers and vice versa. In addition, the speakers need to handle power amount, if it is high powered. Check if the output capacity of new stereo is same as the old model.

DIY installation attempt with little skills

You have the right tools but using them correctly makes a difference. Do you have the skill to understand car audio technology? You can end up messing the audio system trying to install it watching YouTube videos or reading other how-to posts.

  • Do you know that an overheated amplifier can cut off sound, if not positioned properly?
  • Do you know that aftermarket audio systems demand high power and may need large batteries?

Thus, you can end up mis-matching audio components like amplifier and sub-woofer or damaging car’s electrical system. It is wise to hire professionals to handle the installation and avoid the mistake of nullifying the warranty.