Top Principles Of Effective Web Design

In the age of digital marketing when most customers use the Internet extensively to research and shop for their needs, your website is the first place where you can impress potential customers. Every business needs a well-designed website to communicate to customers the value of their products. An effectively designed website will boost your brand image, and build credibility for your business. Business websites can be developed via DIY techniques using web building templates and hosting services. However, an effectively designed website requires expertise in various areas to ensure that your website looks professional, and functions optimally. Hiring a professional web design agency will give you great return on investment, and expert web designers know the latest technology and design trends of effective web design. A web development agency in Atlanta can help build a great website for your business.

This article talks about the important design principles when developing a website, read on to find out the best practices involving web design.

Effective Layout

An effectively designed website is intuitive so that users are able to quickly scan for and find information they need. It’s important to have a visual hierarchy on each page of your website, so that users know what they’re looking at. A clear layout, moderate visual clues and easily recognizable links help users to find information easily, which is the hallmark of good web design.

A key principle of effective web design is to make your information easy to read and digest. Clearly organized information using headlines and sub headlines, bullet points, and appropriately placed compelling images are some effective web design techniques that help build a great looking website.

Arranging content into well-spaced, grid-based layouts made of sections, columns, and boxes, creates a clutter-free and professional looking website. Eye tracking studies have shown that people scan computer screens in an “F” pattern. The top and left of the screen are what catches people’s attention, while the right side of the screen is rarely seen. Focusing on this behavior of users, effectively designed websites display information in order of importance, from left to right, and top to bottom.

Colors, Images, and Navigation

Use of complementary colors will create a beautiful website, use contrasting colors for the text and background to make your web site more user friendly. White space/ negative space is an important web design element that is effective gives your website a modern and uncluttered look.

Appropriate images can help showcase your products effectively, and will strike a connection with your target audience. Choose the right mix of images and text to communicate effectively with your audience.

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