Liposuction – A Medical Remedy to Remove Stubborn Body Fat

Liposuction is a practice used to remove stubborn fat from the body. Some may have fat thighs or wide hips while others may have protruding belly fat. Everyone wants to get rid of it. The motive of liposuction is to remove fat deposits from these areas. This procedure is carried out only in those areas which were not affected even after rigorous diet and physical exercise. The benefit of liposuction is that it eliminates fat cells from a particular area which means you will not gain weight in that part any longer.

The remaining fat cells in the body may increase in size, but will not bring you back to your previous bulky shape. Women aim for hourglass body shape, which is generally the body shape of most models and men striving for straight or V-body shape. However, it is a myth if you believe that through liposuction you will lose weight. Fat hardly has any weight, therefore don’t get disappointed if you don’t see any changes in your weighing machine.

According to Las Vegas Liposuction Specialized Clinic which is located in Henderson, Nevada, there are different types of liposuction methods provided today. Hence, it is imperative to choose a right doctor who knows all about the treatment. They have the best services with advanced technology and techniques used by skilled physicians. Also, they mention that before going for the procedure, one should inform about their previous medical history and all medications that you’re taking.

They also recommend few things before going for the surgery –

  • Don’t shave surgical area 24 hours before the surgery because that can build ingrown hair which can increase complications and infection through your used razor. Leave it to your plastic surgeons to clean those areas.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice two weeks prior to surgery. They may include and exclude some medications that you already taking as it can increase the chances of high blood pressure, excessive bleeding, slow healing etc.
  • Don’t go on any crash diet before surgery because that will leave you malnourished and extremely weak after surgery. However, that also doesn’t mean to intake lot of unhealthy food to increase weight.
  • During surgery some medications will make you dizzy and some of your body areas will be tender, therefore ask someone from your family or friends to drive you that day. Also, avoid public transport as it will increase the chances of infection.
  • Smoking is injurious to health, whether you go for surgery or not. Avoid smoking a month before the surgery because it reduces recovery time, and you may bleed more during surgery.
  • Don’t wear tight dresses to the clinic on your D-day. You would like to stay comfortable while going back home after surgery.

Before surgery, you’ll be asked various questions by your physician and the receptionist who will be giving you appointment dates. They will also give you a list of do’s and don’ts. Don’t take them lightly. Answer all questions in detail without being impatient. Also, follow all instructions seriously if you don’t want any complications in future.