Ways to Show Pride in Your Country at Your Business

You love your country. Your passionate patriotism for its ideals, its goals, its people is strong. But how do you display pride for your nation at your place of business? Here are some thoughtful and tactful ways you can do just that.


One way you can show pride in your country without having to make any design or decorating efforts is to provide intangible shows of patriotism. Offering discounts to veterans and current service men and women is a great way to show your appreciation. You can buy artwork, office supplies, and more from business that employ or directly benefit veterans.

You could put together a special patriotic open house during a national holiday and offer a special one-day discount to anyone who shows a military ID. You could package some of your products in a care package and send them as a donation to active military camps. Being friendly and considerate to those in your community and your customers is one of the best ways to show pride in your country and yourself.

Inside the Building

Inside the building can provide many opportunities to display your patriotism. Be mindful that politics is a hot-button issue with many opinions and emotions tied to it. Refrain from endorsing one specific candidate which may cause division, but instead focus on the country as a whole, its people, its places, its history. An inspirational quote from a historical figure, landscape photography of national parks or landmarks, a small flag on your desk in your office, are all good ideas for subtle but meaningful patriotic decor.

You could celebrate national holidays inside your business with themed refreshments, and allow employees to wear patriotic colors on the day. Decorations for the day of the holiday can be appropriate, but remember to keep it minimal and tasteful. One idea is to find an attractive and simplistic colored garland to decorate the reception desk.

Outside the Building

One of the best ways to display patriotism is to fly a flag. Flying your nation’s flag can be inspiring and provide an added benefit of helping motorists find you from the road. If your business is located in a different country than the nation you wish to display there are certain considerations to make. For example, a good rule of etiquette in America is to fly both flags at the same height, with the American flag being on the right, and any custom flag (one with your business logo, etc) lower than those of the sovereign nations.

Be sure that you have permission from your building or lot owner to fly your national or feather flags. Each country is different on what they will and won’t allow for displays of patriotism, so always check your nation’s guidelines.