Top Reasons To Use Self Balancing Electric Motor In The Office

A hoverboard is popularly known by several names such as “balance boards”, “personal mobility devices”, “glide boards”, and “self-balancing electricity driven scooter.” It is a rechargeable and battery-operated means of transport that runs at an average speed of five to ten miles per hour.

They are stylish, safe and affordable means of transport that runs on electricity. Most of the offices are encouraging employees to use these electric balancing scooters within the premises. Here, we will discuss reasons what makes the use of these scooters a good move by companies.

A source of encouragement for Young Employees

It is a way to encourage young employees. As young employees are tech savvy, this technology serves as an effective source of encouragement to them. It reflects a sophisticated and modern way to work in a company. Eipkgo is one of the leading manufacturing firms that make high quality hover boards in different sizes and shapes to suit people more than 14 years of age.

Saves Time

With these machines, an employee is sure to save time a good amount of time. In place of walking to the office or covering a large distance within the office premise, you can simply use the hoverboard to get your work accomplished quickly.

A Stress Reliever

Hoverboards come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality built into them, that makes them an entertainment source as well. It is a good stress reliever too. Use of this machine most certainly improves their productivity. So, an addition of a hoverboard makes the workplace exciting and relaxing.

Saves energy

An electric balancing scooter is a great tool to save energy. Employees generally get tired after a hard day at office and walking within the office premises to get the job done leaves them with no energy.

Hoverboard comes as a useful device, by which they won’t need to walk anymore and get cover distances too quickly. This saves a lot of their energy and assists them to perform better. In this way, their overall productivity improves.

Increases Employee Motivation

They are a great means to increase the work productivity as you know you have a machine near to your desk that can take you anywhere inside the office without tiring yourself and wasting a lot of time walking.

Whether you want to reach a Xerox machine or get yourself a coffee, all you need to do is to simply take out your scooter and reach the place in a few seconds.   The amount of time and energy that you save can be put into good use to show productive results to your boss.


As employees are all the time busy with a lot of workloads to do in the office, companies have found an interesting way to reduce the load and make their tasks convenient. Looking at the above benefits associated with it, companies have begun providing employees with electric balanced scooters. Though learning to balance on this machine is easy, especially if you are proficient on a skateboard, then you will surely master it with ease.