Effective Pest Control Methods You Should be Using

Pest infestation poses a severe threat to all living creatures including plants, animals, human beings. There are several types of pests namely rats, flies, mosquitoes, fungus, fleas, feral dogs, termites, etc.

Maintaining good hygiene will help you to control pests or reduce them to manageable levels. Remove any stagnant water from the vicinity and keep your environment clean to keep away pests. Identifying the types of pests will help you to put in place the right strategies to control them. Be keen in identifying these pests so that you save yourself the time and cost of improper identification. If you don’t know the right pest control strategies to use, you can hire pest control companies to help you out. Here are some of pest control methods that you can use to get rid of these creatures from your space effectively.

  1. Biological Control

This pest control method is widely used in greenhouses, but you can also use it outdoors. In this technique, you use natural enemies to the pests like parasites, predators, pathogens. These organisms interfere with the ability of the pests to breed. Some insects feed on the pest’s larvae hence reducing further growth. It is an environmentally safe pest control method for your pets, plants and loved ones. However, you have to use the right species under proper conditions to succeed.

  1. Organic Pest Control

The good thing about organic pest control techniques is that they only target the pests without harming your animals and plants in the process. It entails the use of efficient baits and predator taps to kill the pests. You can mix the biodegradable sodium fluoroacetate poison into baits to remove a broad range of pests. It is an effective pest control method over a problematic territory. The other products that you can use in organic pest control include insecticidal soap, floating row covers, parasitic nematodes, and oil sprays.

  1. Hygiene Control

You will rarely come across pests in clean places. You can prevent present pests from growing and reproducing in your space by maintaining high levels of hygiene. Clean up your place after meals, throw all the left-over food and residues in trash bin securely on wraps. Wash all utensils after use and keep your stoves, cupboard, floors, and other household items clean.

Flush your toilet after every use, store food in a lid-fitted container, seal your septic tank, holes, and drains around pipes. Ensure that your community disposes trash or recycles in regularly. Clear all debris and weeds from your garden, use natural fertilizers and trash. It will be meaningless to use pesticides if you observe the required hygiene standards.

  1. Chemical Pesticides

The market has thousands of pesticides that you can use in stores, offices, and homes among other places. These products are hazardous and contaminate water, food, air, and land. Some of them are dangerous to human beings and other living organisms. You can get chemical pesticides in aerosol, liquid and solid state.

Manufacturers group these products according to the kind of pests that they kill. Pesticides kill detrimental animals through the dermal entry, respiratory entry, or oral entry. Make sure you read the label before applying these chemical substances. Make sure you don’t contaminate uncovered drinks, food, and utensils. It is wise to call pest control services to help you in applying these chemical substances.