Tips for Maximizing Your Family Bedroom Space

For families comprised of parents with young children, managingtheir sleeping spacecan be a challenge.Are there enough rooms for everyone to sleep apart? If not, one solution would be a co-sleeping arrangement where parents sleep close to their children. This allows parents to attend to their children’s needs more quickly. Some children need their parents close to them to feel safe and secure. Through co-sleeping, both parents and children can get better sleep.

There might be plenty of choices for family beds in Salt Lake City, UT, butmake sure to choose one that best fits your family’s sleeping needs. If you have limited sleeping space at home, consider looking for custom family beds while keepingthese tips in mind:

Follow a Space-Saving Design

Elizabeth and Tom Boyce’s bedroom-for-seven layout is a prime, space-saving example. Bunks and mattresses are arranged within a limited space, giving everyone enough room for sleeping. The design also comes with built-in shelves for storage and twinkle string lights to set the mood.

Consider a Wall-to-Wall Layout

If customfamily beds in Salt Lake City, UT are hard to find, a wall-to-wall or corner bedroom layout can do the trick. In this layout,the family bed occupiesthe space closestto3 walls, leaving a space between the fourth side of the bed and a wall. This open sidewill serve as the footof the bed.Keep it clear of any obstructionsso that everyone can safely move in and out.

Include a Special Spot for the Baby

You can use sleep nests or sidecar cribs where your baby can sleep safely while being within your reach. Make sure that you choose sleep nests with breathable material. As for sidecar cribs, choose onethat has railings on 3 sides and can be attached to the side of the parents’ bed.This crib must be as high asthe parents’ bed or lowerto prevent the baby from rolling off. Keep pillows and blankets away from the crib.

Arrange Floor Bedding

If you’re on a tight budget, you can ditch the bed furniture and arrange mattresses on the floor instead. Thinner floor beds are safer for crawling babies. Futons are good materials as they’re lighter and more flexible than traditional mattresses. You can even roll them up and fit them in a car to bring with you on out-of-town trips.

The tips above can help youbuy the best family bed in Salt Lake City,UT and maximize your home’s sleeping spaceto accommodate the sleeping needs and preferences of everyone in your family.