Japanese Subscription Boxes – Unique Way to Enjoy Unusual Japanese Treats Every Month

Snack boxes are an amusing concept. Unfortunately, people end up with snacks and treats purchased in the local market. Snack boxes are often are a little different than what you try. It can be an unfamiliar brand or the snack which is not available around the globe.

Japanese snacks are different than Western stuff. You can try Japanese subscription boxes, they are appealing. You will not be disappointed!

Some Japanese subscription box you can try

Japan Candy Box

Contains ten different snacks including traditional sweets, seasonal treats, DIY candy kits and bizarre Kit Kat or Pocky flavors.

This is great way to introduce and enjoy lots of Japanese candy. Styles are extensive and you will certainly find different variety of treats every month.

Sushi Candy

Name of the subscription box is unusual holding variety of Japanese candies. Some will be familiar to the Western subscribers but a few aren’t. Sushi Candy is designed to offer subscribers different sweets option instead of multiple version of similar treat.


Brand concentrates on current season snacks. This means you will always enjoy unusual products not available in the US. Some of the treats may be homemade. The Snakku boxes are wrapped in furoshiki washi-paper. It feels authentic and can even be gifted. To get started subscribe the smaller ‘Tasting Box’ and then you can order Signature Snakku Box weighing 2 pounds.

Tokyo treat

Product selection is similar. There are two versions of snack boxes – Premium and Classical. The former is large and includes an anime snack, drink, various treats and party pack. The latter is small and has no drink or a party pack. Boxes are themed, so expect to get different product combination every month.


Bokksu is different and aims to offer an authentic experience. Snacks are unusual, so it offers the food details and information on how to enjoy with tea. You can consider Classic and Tasting Bokksu subscription versions.

Japan crate

Five different crates are offered and every one concentrates on specific theme. For example, the Umai crate contains 7 – 8 noodle packets. Premium Japan Crate contains a drink and DIY candy with monthly bonus item.

Freedom Japanese Market

The angle is same like other Japanese treat boxes but focused on premium and large snacks. It includes a blend of candy and snacks every month along with highlight on variety. Some cool features like handmade origami piece with every box is offered. Sizes are interesting and you can choose from Punchi Pack, Original Pack and Family Premium Pack.

Manga Spice café

If you wish more than snack then Manga Spice Café subscription box is a great choice. You get box with three different manga books, drink and snacks. Just a single plan is offered, you pay for a single month and give it a try!

Japan Candy

Expect different treat styles including changeable candy flavors when combined, sweets, Japanese snacks and DIY kits. Shipping is free and you get two boxes instead of one.

You will never regret, subscribe NOW!