Why There Is Need to Include End of Lease Cleaning in Tenant Contract?

As a property owner, it is important to get your property thoroughly cleaned at the end of every tenancy. This type of cleaning is known by various terms such as tenancy cleaning, move out cleaning or end of lease cleaning. Learn about the reasons that make it a mandatory task by landlords to be performed by a tenant.

Why is end of lease required by a landlord?

It is tenant’s right to receive a clean house. Every tenant who comes to live in a house, expects his landlord to provide a clean, presentable and hygiene place to them. Due to which landlords require tenants to make the place clean before they move to a new flat or house.

House cleaning Melbourne ensures that high level of hygiene standards is adopted throughout the cleaning duration. To assure their new tenants to get a clean accommodation, landlords include a condition of “end of lease cleaning” in the tenancy contract.

How is tenant supposed to fulfill this clause condition?

So, when a landlord states this end of lease cleaning clause, it has to be agreed by both the parties involved in this contract i.e., the tenant and landlord. The tenant has to arrange as well as cater to get the property cleaned by a professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne firm once their tenancy period ends. These firms provide proof to the tenant of the work that has been undertaken.

What are the repercussions faced by the tenant for not performing the cleaning task?

When the tenant doesn’t hire professional cleaners to perform the cleaning task at the end of tenant term, or when he fails to produce receipts that show that he has got the work done, then the charges of cleaning get deducted from the tenant’s deposit.

Why is it mandatory to perform the cleaning task by only ‘professional cleaners’ and not by your own?

According to the “end of lease cleaning” clause, it is required that the cleaning task has to be performed by the tenant before leaving the house. In addition to it, it is important that it is performed by only specialized and professional cleaners.

A tenant has to present proof that he has taken services of professional cleaners to perform the cleaning. Professional cleaners ensure deep cleaning by using specialized and advanced methods of cleaning and tools that effectively cleans all the nook and corners of the house.

As these professional cleaners have worked on various houses before, they are well aware of the possible areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly and the ways to remove stubborn stains completely.

They begin by performing an ultimate inspection of the space that includes the kitchen, bathroom, living room, walls, windows, furniture, curtains, garden, exterior and carpets to give the best quality cleaning work to the landlord.


End of cleaning is one of the most significant causes that result in deposit disputes between landlords and tenants. Before tenants leave the current house to a new one, they must get it properly cleaned by a professional cleaning firm.