Safety Tips for Family Beds

While the terms co-sleeping and bed-sharing are often used interchangeably, there are a few differences between the two concepts. For one, co-sleeping is a practice in which children sleep near one or both parents, which typically involves sleeping in the same room but not necessarily on the same bed. For example, a family that practices co-sleeping may have multiple beds in one room. Although bed-sharing is a subset of co-sleeping, it involves babies or younger children sharing the same bed with one or both of their parents.

When it comes to bed-sharing, investing in a custom family bed is the best way to ensure each member of the family ample room to sleep comfortably at night. While bed-sharing bed may not ideal fit for every family, it can have many functions and advantages. Here’s a look at a few of the lesser-known benefits of family beds and some general safety tips for families who practice co-sleeping.


Less nighttime separation anxiety for babies and young children.

Bed-sharing can improve sleep quality for the entire family, especially for families with babies.

Being next to the child makes it more convenient to breastfeed at night and respond to a baby’s cries for food or comfort. In turn, this will eliminate many common bedtime troubles.

Increases parent responsiveness to children’s needs in the event of illnesses or bad dreams. As a result, this increases the child’s sense of security and confidence in their parents.

Safety Tips for Bed-Sharing

Babies should be placed on their back to sleep.

Your bed sheets should be tight on the mattress and there shouldn’t be too many pillows, stuffed animals, or unbound blankets anywhere near the baby’s face.

There shouldn’t be space between the bed and wall to prevent accidental falls.

Ensure your sleep surface is firm. Never sleep with a baby on a soft surface such as a waterbed mattress or a loose beanbag.

Never sleep with a baby on a sofa, futon, lounge chair, or any other type of furniture where the child can fall into a division in the cushion or be pushed against the back of the seat.

Sharing custom family bed with your child or children has a range of advantages, and it can be done safely if you take the proper steps to ensure everyone’s protection. These helpful guidelines can give you a better idea of how to create a safe sleep area for your family.