List of Things to See and Do in Memphis

Even if you explored Memphis earlier, there are always new attractions coming up. Your age, interest or budget is not an issue here because there are lots of things to see and do in the Home of Blues.

Take a stroll down Mississippi River

The longest river borders Memphis on the Western side, so people also call it ‘The River City’. The Mississippi banks offer a five miles park ideal for outdoor activities including canoe rentals, adventurous water activities, and riverboat cruises. On Mud Island, you can walk along Mississippi River and get your feet wet. Bike or walk across Mississippi River via new bridge – the Big River Crossing.

Dance on Beale Street

The most famous street is associated with legendary B.B. King and home of blues. You will find several clubs and bars that still play traditional music. You can even watch street performers on the Beale Street dancing to the rock music.

Explore the legacy of Martin Luther King

National Civil Rights Museum was originally a Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King got assassinated in 1968. The place got renovated and reopened as a museum, where tourist listen to stories associated with Civil Rights struggle in the US.

Take photos with iconic Peabody Ducks

A most unusual and popular attraction that sounds strange but is integrated in the Memphians ritual, since 1932. Every morning, 5-ducks parade towards the fountain situated in Peabody Hotel’s majestic lobby. They march to melody of King Cotton March along red carpet. A duck master guides them through the journey from and into the elevator. Besides cheering them on this marching journey, tourist even visit their rooftop palace with stunning Downtown and Mississippi River views.

Mouthwatering local barbecue

The city is popular for its barbeque. Besides the popular Rendezvous restaurant, you can visit other places like Central BBQ and Bar-B-Q shop that offers their style of BBQ, with plethora of seasoning and tasty sauces.

AutoZone Park for baseball game

AutoZone is finest and advanced ballgame parks, where you can picnic on lawm in the offseason. Mingle with mascots and Redbird players before game. Enjoy fireworks every Saturday, during regular season including a home game.

Visit Sun Studio

It is a recording place for many popular artists like Elvis, Ike Turner, and Johnny cash. It is still a recording studio attracting music fans from around the world. At the studio, you will be able to hold guitars, microphones and records of greatest musicians.

Watch rare animals at the local zoo

The Memphian Zoo is more than a century old and has experienced plenty of impressive renovations in last decade. More than 3,000 animals live on this 70-acre vast land. It even has pandas, crocodiles, hippopotamus, crocodiles, lions, elephants, penguins, and bears, if you are lucky, capture pandas rolling in bamboo piles.

Pink palace museum

This large museum holds exhibits designed for making people aware about the natural and cultural history of Mid-South and Memphis. There is also a planetarium and 4-story 3D theater. This museum was built with pink Georgian marble by Piggly Wiggly founder Clarence Saunders.


Tour the mansion of Elvis in Graceland. You can even get a peek of his airplane and automobile collection.

Memphis pyramid

It was aimed to be built as an arena for concert and sports accommodating 20,000 seats but was re-opened as a megastore. It has tallest freestanding elevator and observation deck. It is a 28-story building, which offers stunning views across the Mississippi River. Explore the store for free but access to lookout needs a fee. You can click here to know more about it.

There are still many more things to explore and sightsee in Memphis city. Everyone can enjoy this place.