Do You Want to Write Radio News Script? A Few Tips to Follow

If you are interested to write news script meant for radio, then you must remember following tips.

  1. Keep your script simple and short

While you are writing your news script for radio, ensure that your script is not too long, but within few words you must convey the whole message. Use the words that is simple and easily understandable.

     2.  Use your script for introduction of your audio

If you are including any audio clip in your news script then before including it, you must make sure that you have properly introduced the clip to your audience. This will help to put across your message properly.

     3.  Try to grab the attention of audience

Your script must immediately draw people’s attention and hence all your matter must be written in active tense so that people stop and listen to it. The vital message should be told in your first sentence itself.

    4.  You need not give your own opinion

Your script must only produce the facts and you are not supposed to add any of your own comment or opinion. People who hear your message on radio will form their own opinion after listening to your report.

   5.  Try to give fair and complete report

All the report that you gather must be weaved together in such a manner that all elements of the story is fully covered without telling which one will carry more weight than the other. Your message should not mislead your audience.

   6.  Make your script before interviewing

Few journalists prefer to draft their script before conducting any interview. That will be fine as long as the journalist can retain an open mind. He should not orchestrate or try to stage-manage the interviews for fitting into the structure that is planned.

    7.  Check the facts

Before, writing your script, you must check all the facts. If you are reporting any news based on certain interview then check what they said is right. It is not necessary that if the person knows something, it has to be correct too.

   8.  Follow the editorial ethics

You must check your script so that it does not violate three editorial ethics – objectivity, fairness and impartiality. Avoid giving more weight to certain opinion, though some people you may have interviewed have very strong opinion.

   9.  Make proper beginning

Your script must always start with the main point of your news and subsequently you may tell your audience about all the necessary details so that they can understand what you are trying to convey to them.

   10.  Make correct ending

Also, while ending your script, you must end it with certain fact and not any vague sentence. If you are reporting something based upon certain interview then try to end it by summarizing the expectation of the interviewee.

   11.  Ensure that your script makes sense

After writing your script, try to read it few times to make sure that your script really makes any sense or there is any gap left. You may get it checked by any colleague too. A second opinion will always make your script more meaningful.