Make the Most of Your Yard This Summer

The warmer weather means more outdoor living for your family. There’s no greater sensation than walking barefoot through a lush lawn. If your own yard is far from lush, don’t lose hope. Hiring a professional lawn care company may be the answer to having a yard you can be proud of. Whether you want to create a kid friendly play area, an outdoor kitchen area at which you can host parties, or if you want to enhance the exterior of the home with an eye toward upping your curb appeal, a good lawn care program is essential. You need to make the most of your soil, use native plants that grow well in your climate, consider how much watering and mowing you want to do on a weekly basis, and then implement a plan, which may include using a professional lawn care service.  Not all lawn care companies are alike, however, so proceed with caution when choosing a lawn service in Atlanta.

What to Look For

  • Choose a company who offers a wide range of services that are customized to your individual lawn needs.
  • The company should be certified by the state and have an extensive background in using safe and effective compounds.
  • They should be licensed, bonded, and insured and guarantee their work.
  • Read the testimonials and reviews from the company’s website, and from independent sites like Angie’s List or Home Advisor.
  • They should develop a lawn care program tailored to the needs of the local environment. They should use a nutrient that controls weeds while adding a high grade grass seed.
  • A personalized lawn appraisal will spell out a recommended program based on existing conditions, shade, available water, and other elements in your existing yard. The company should develop an individual lawn care program tailored to your yard’s specific needs. Only then should treatment be scheduled.
  • They should monitor the lawn during scheduled maintenance and treat the yard as often as needed.
  • The company should guarantee their treatment.
  • You want a company that is locally owned and who has a good working knowledge of the climate, the soil, and what plants and grasses work best in the Atlanta area.
  • Not only should they be members of a local business organization, the company should belong to a professional group, such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals, who offer on-going training for their members.

These are a few points to consider when searching for a lawn service in Atlanta