What to Expect from a Supplier

When any company or individual orders a product from a supplier they tend to expect a few important things to happen. Customers of suppliers expect to get their orders in a timely fashion, to receive a high-quality product, and to pay a fair price for the product. Shopping at a trusted copper extrusion supplier should be no different. It doesn’t matter what project they are purchasing the copper extrusion for, the customer should be able to expect the same kind of treatment that anyone else would get.


The customer expects to receive their order in a timely fashion. They have important projects to complete that usually require specific materials. Extrusions from C11000 electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper tend to be used for important electrical applications like bus bars, contacts, switches, and terminals. These are all fairly important parts of an operational electrical system. With a reliable supplier, they can have their product as soon as they need it.


A high-quality product is one of the most important assets that a supplier has. If companies or individuals are purchasing a product, they expect the supplier to put forth their highest quality product. With copper extrusions, the quality of the product is highly important. The customizability of the extrusion is one of the aspects of quality that can really set the product apart. A smart supplier offers a wide variety of shape options for the extrusions for the customer to choose from.


Timely deliveries and high-quality products are great, but they mean nothing if the price is unfair. Not all orders are exactly the same, so a standard price is obviously not going to work. Customers can expect a quote based on the job they need to be done. The supplier has control over the cost of the materials that are being supplied and will charge a fair price. After all, they need the customer’s business just as much as the customer needs their product.

When a customer goes to a copper extrusion supplier they can expect a certain level of customer service. A trustworthy supplier will give the business or individual their best service and nothing less. Since the supplier has total control over production times, quality, and price, they can give customers exactly what they expect. Copper extrusions made from ETP copper are essential to many electrical systems. The best supplier knows this and will show that in the relationship built with the customer.