How to Organize Baby Sprinkle Shower Ceremony with Donut Theme?

You may be so enthusiastic to plan for baby shower ceremony of your sister. There are several lovely baby shower sprinkle ideas that you can try to make this day special and memorable! One of them is to celebrate it with a donut theme. As donuts are loved by people of all age groups, they make an interesting way to celebrate shower ceremony too.

Donut theme-based baby shower not just look bright but budget friendly too. It is very convenient and simple to recreate. Also, you will get loads of free of cost printable donuts that can be printed to decorate your own party!

What is a baby sprinkle?

Baby sprinkles are celebrated when a woman is pregnant. They are known as “sprinkles” as it is not a full-fledged conventional baby shower, but simply a sprinkle of love. Baby sprinkles are smaller and less formal as compared to a baby shower. This also implies that there will be lesser number of presents received as the moms already have necessary ones.

Food display performed at a baby shower ceremony shows paper donuts with diaper cake on a white background setting. The type of theme that we are going to tell you (donut theme) does not require investment of a lot of time and money. Whatever be the theme, Donuts Jonesboro AR brings you the best flavors of donuts to make your occasion special.

It is seen to be simple and convenient to organize and manage the occasion while leaving the best impression on guests.

Baby sprinkle invitations

You need to begin with creating baby sprinkle invitation. You will be mentioning here the date and theme of the celebration. As printing and mailing invitations is a big pain, so it is better to choose digital invitations that are far easier to send through text or email.

Also, on the web, you will find several adorable invitation cards for your baby shower ceremony. Take a look at them. You will definitely find the perfect donut baby sprinkle shower invitations card as per your choice!

Diaper Cake

It is difficult to conduct a diaper baby sprinkling ceremony without an interesting diaper cake. It will look perfect on the center table with some other baby sprinkle shower decorations. A 3-tier diaper cake that comes with blue colored polka dot ribbon tied around it will be ideal for this occasion.

Add colors to the decoration

Incorporation of washi tape is a simple and cost-effective means to add color and vibrancy to the baby sprinkle decorations. You can add different types of washi tape that matches with the vibrant color arrangement of the overall party. One of the interesting things that you can try is to put this tape on your paperware in a random fashion. Washi tape in a donut pattern also looks adorable and perfect.


Are you wishing to organize a baby shower party with an interesting theme? If yes, then donut theme will be a wonderful way to celebrate this grand occasion of your life. They are convenient, affordable, fun and delicious way to host the party.