Various Uses Of Diesel Oil That You Need To Know

Many different kinds of fuels are derived by petroleum processors from each crude oil barrel. Besides heating oil and gasoline, petroleum refinement can also produce lighter, low-sulphur oil, which is known as diesel.

As per the estimation of the United States Energy Information Administration, diesel can provide almost seven percent of the various forms of energies used in the United States and is considered to be the second most widespread fuel source used after gasoline.

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Following are the various common uses of diesel:

1. Vehicles

As per the United States Energy Information Administration, which is also known as EIA, vehicles that are diesel-powered can generate fuel economy which 20 – 40 percent better than any gas-powered models. Also, diesel will pose much reduced amount of fire risk during any accident. It can produce fewer emissions as compared to gas.

Due to reduced emissions, it will also help in clearing the air and will slow various environmental effects related associated with the global warming. There are many commercial vehicles run on diesel, like majority of school buses and other public transit vehicles.

2. Power generation

Using diesel generators, you can produce electricity which are used for powering lights, equipment or many other systems. Different businesses and organizations rely only on diesel-powered generators as a back-up power during power shut downs. Also, these generators play a very important role during any emergencies, by keeping fire stations, hospitals and other important facilities running.

Diesel generator also provides electricity in remote areas to people who may otherwise have to live without this convenience.

3. Heavy equipment

According to the data available with EIA, more than 67 percent of farm equipment in United States runs on diesel. Tractors, which are powered by diesel pooled with other machineries, help farmers to produce food and manage various activities more effectively.

There are various construction equipment types that depend on diesel due to their improved efficiency as well as its capability of powering heavy-duty machines. As per EIA estimation, diesel oil of a gallon can provide up to 30% more energy as compared to gallon of gasoline, thus allowing diesel for powering large machines e.g.  Backhoes or cranes more effectively.

4. Military operations

The US military operations heavily rely on the diesel oil for powering tanks, trucks and many other vehicles. As per the EIA, diesel will be less flammable and less likely to get exploded than traditional gasoline. By using diesel in various military vehicles, it helps to protect the troops and other personnel from injury. Also, it can reduce any risk to get explosion during combat or intensity of fire

5. Construction

Construction industry is another major diesel fuel user and equipment like forklifts, cranes and also loader backhoes usually depend on power of diesel for fuelling their work.

6. Agriculture

As mentioned before almost 67% of cultivators, tractors, harvesters and most other farm equipment that are operating in the United States make use of diesel as fuel.