How To Prepare Your Dog For A Boarding Facility?

At times dogs cannot be included in your travel plans so you need to leave them at the boarding kennels. If you are a new dog owner, then it can be hard to leave your canine at the boarding kennel for a few days. Mentioned below are some tips that can help you prepare your pup for boarding when you go traveling or are involved in an emergency.

Vaccination check

Several kennels need dogs updated on their vaccination like distemper and rabies. A few need bordetella shots, which prevent cough spread in the kennel. If your pet’s shot is due in a couple of weeks before boarding time because if it is, you can get the dog vaccinated early.

It takes a few days for vaccines to become effective, therefore never wait until the last minute. Have a veterinary record copy ready to show at the boarding that your dog has undergone all vaccinations on-time.

Complete the kennel boarding forms

Before boarding your pet fill the forms needed. It will include contact information and phone number if any concerns come up. Even let the kennel know your vet’s phone number for unpredicted emergency. Check how the boarding handles veterinary emergencies like where the pets are taken for emergency treatment.

Practice crate training

At the boarding, the dog will need to be confined. Therefore practice crate training in advance. It will help the dog to adjust. For a few hours leave the up alone for a minimum of one week in advance, so the pet gets used to spending time alone and hold her bladder. Many facilities allow pets to roam around freely for many hours during the day but at night they will need to be placed in the kennel. Make a habit to let her rest in the crate and sleep.


Boarding kennels have other dogs. All differ in temperaments. Your dog needs to socialize to get along with other canines at the boarding. Take your pup for a walk in the dog park and let it get acquainted with other dogs.

Dropping your dog at the boarding all of a sudden without any preparation can make it feel all stressed and anxious. The pup has to be friendly to deal with the environment and a lot of barking.

Pack the pet’s familiar stuff

With familiar stuff around, the dog will feel at ease and comfortable. Bring their favorite blanket, bed and few toys. Make sure that the kennel allows it.

Never change a dog’s diet

No one desires their pet to suffer digestive issues from switching their diet when they stay at the boarding kennel. Bring your dog’s daily foodstuff to the kennel. Many boarding allows dogs to enjoy their regular diet during the stay there. Make sure to write the feeding instructions, if necessary [especially when your dog needs a special diet].

Say goodbye rapidly

If you take a long time to say goodbye, then your pup will know that something is not right. Make it appear that you are leaving for work. Just a quick pat and walk out.