Everything You Need to Know about Tragus Piercing

If you want to know in detail about tragus piercing and whether it is the right option to enhance the beauty of your ears then here is some information to help you.

Tragus piercing isn’t done by everyone, even though it looks quite elegant and stunning to look at. If you want to look different, then go for tragus piercing and you will never regret it.

How exactly tragus piercing is done?

The piercing or hole is done in the tragus of ear that is the small notch or tiny flap present near the ear canal. Unlike normal way of ear piercing, the gauge of tragus piercing is quite small ranging from 14G to 18G.

The gauge is small as only trendy jewels like labret studs, small hoop earrings, bead rings of tiny diameter is adorned looking quite cute alongside the ear lobe piercing jewels. Almost all people can have this kind of piercing done successfully, however people having soft tragus need to think twice before piercing as it may be unable to bear the weight of the jewellery.

Like the other ear piercing, you need to do it by experienced piercer. The person will disinfect the part to be pieced first and then with the help of sterilised hollow needle will make the hole on tragus and fit the jewel perfectly. You don’t need to worry about it being quite painful as you only feel the needle being inserted, however the pressure exerts the needle to pass through the cartilage can be felt.

Hence, be mentally prepared to endure the pressurizing of the ear. After piercing you may feel uncomfortable for few hours and have pain in the ear. However, the dazzling look of the stud in your ear is worthy enough to endure such discomfort.  Sometimes there may be blood drops seen dripping out from the pierced spot for few minutes.

The precautions you need to do before and after piercing of tragus:

  • Before care:
    • It will be helpful to wash the ear with warm water and dry it before you go for appointment. This will help you to clean the dirt.
    • Wear lose fitting tops having wider neck so that after piercing when you take out the top from above the head, it won’t hurt your pierced ears.
    • You can lay out well washed bedding on your bed prior to your appointment as at night while you lay down on bed there are chances of bacterial microbes infecting your unhealed pierced tragus.
  • After Care:
    • In a cup of hot water, you need to mix a quarter teaspoon of pure sea salt. You can use cotton balls to apply the solution on both sides of your ear’s tragus till it heals completely. Make sure that the salty water doesn’t go in your ear canal otherwise you may face some hearing problem.
    • You can buy after care organic products from shop to help heal quickly. The sprays are best to carry and apply, moreover the solutions are skin friendly, thus no chance of any skin allergies to endure.

After your tragus piercing spot heals, you just need to order beautifully patterned tragus jewellery from online shopping platforms like Periceoff quite a reputable jewellery site where every customer is sure to be happy purchasing.