How Your Interior Design Impacts Your Home’s Organization

If your home is disorganized, you may think that it’s simply a matter of clearing out the clutter and putting things away. And while this will certainly help any disorganized home, there may be a deeper root to your issue of disorganization. Your home’s interior design may be impacting your ability to keep things organized in your home. Keep reading to learn how design can impact organization. And, if you think your home is in need of a redesign, look into interior design firms in San Francisco.

Proper Storage Space

The first and most obvious way in which your home’s interior design impacts your ability to keep it organized is the amount of storage space. If your house wasn’t designed with enough places to stow away your unused items, or you have insufficient shelving and other storage options, it can be difficult to keep the clutter from spreading throughout your home. Some simple redesigning and the addition of some furniture offering more storage can make a big difference in your ability to keep your home organized.

Clean, Simple Design Concept

The general design and decor of your home can contribute to how easy it is to keep things organized. If the design of your home features excessive furniture and an overabundance of knickknacks, you’ve already created a cluttered concept for your space. With this kind of design, it’s much easier for growing clutter to go unnoticed. But when you redesign your space to a more open, clean, simplistic concept, added clutter is much easier to catch, and therefore, much easier to control.

Designated Spaces

While an open concept is the desired floor plan in modern homes, that doesn’t mean your home shouldn’t have designated spaces. In large, undivided rooms, clutter can spread out and it’s difficult to organize your possessions in a functional way. But by updating your design and dividing large spaces into smaller ones (e.g., separating the TV viewing area from the play area with an area rug and proper furniture placement), you give form and function to your space and make it much easier to keep items organized in their designated areas.

If you feel like you’re struggling to keep your home organized, take a look at your interior design and ask yourself if some changes could help you to keep the clutter under control. If so, look for interior design firms in San Francisco to enlist some professional aid.