Rev up the Color This Fall

If you’re planning a fall wedding, you’re not alone. October has overtaken June as the most popular time of year in which to hold a ceremony. There are several reasons for the switch–the weather is usually cooler and more predictable, your guests are not having to sandwich in your ceremony around family vacation time, and most importantly, the colors of fall create a visually stimulating surround for your wedding pictures. This colorful palette translates into your bridesmaid dresses as well. You can really amp up the hues in your attendants’ apparel in fall. Instead of pink, pale, and bland colors often associated with spring weddings, your color range can extend to deep plum, orange, brown, and bright yellow. While a whole range of options opens up to you, it’s best to keep in mind the skin tone of your attendants, since these bright colors can overwhelm or otherwise not present a flattering image. You need to work with a professional bridal company when choosing your colors for fall bridesmaid dresses.

What Type of Company Is Best?

Find a salon that has a private consultant assigned to your wedding. Working closely with someone who understands the type of ceremony you’re hoping to put together can offer you peace of mind. Customer service should be their priority. If your bridesmaids don’t live close by, bring their photos with you to your initial meeting with the consultant. Together, you can find looks and colors to complement the various body types, skin tones, and personalities of your friends, while keeping the overall look cohesive. Once you decide on the color you want and the length of the skirt, you and your friends can play with various fabrics, neckline variations, and other details such as jackets or ruffles. The consultant can help keep things on track, can ship dresses to your out-of-town bridesmaids so they can choose their look from the comfort of their own home, and can contribute to a more convenient, less stressful way of planning for your big day. Best of all, if disputes arise over the type of gown or the particular color for each person, you don’t have to be the bad guy. Your consultant can step in, sort things out, and smooth any ruffled feathers. The process of choosing your wedding color palette should begin with your wedding surroundings and end with your fall bridesmaid dresses.