Importance of Scaling and Root Planing

Oral health issues play havoc in individual’s life. Mainly while experiencing trouble with gum related health problems. Your gums due to some unwanted reasons become infectious resulting in severe pain, formation of cavities and if left unchecked may cause periodontal ailments. The only way to cure is to fix appointment with certified dentist to get scaling or root planning done to save your gums from further deterioration.

What is Scaling and Root planing and how it is beneficial to cure gum diseases?

The main culprit for occurrence of gum disease is plaque. It is a sticky layer forming over teeth and gums that contains infectious bacteria. As soon as plaque is developed it needs to be removed otherwise it will spread, affect gums and tissues moreover will become hard, difficult to remove with ease. Many teeth problems are often caused by plaque and tartar formation. Hence, you need to remove it immediately which will help in improving your oral health.

Plaque inflames gums if left in mouth for longer time. The affected gums and its acid eradicate the gum tissues leaving behind cavities near the tooth base. Plaque settles down in the spaces and cannot be cleaned by normal brushing. To clean it, the dentist uses effective methods like scaling and root planning. While the settled plaque isn’t removed it may lead to grave issues like tooth loss.

The basic effective non surgical dental cleaning ways are:

  • Scaling: In this method, the whole plaque is removed using dental tools. Plaque and tartar formation are removed from the gums and teeth base, even from the cavities. This helps in preventing bacteria to induct in your body causing other health issues.
  • Root planing: This treatment is done after removing the whole plaque to restore the gums to its original place closing the gaps naturally. Dentist smoothen the teeth root for proper settling of gums into its original position.

Usually, the patient needs to visit dental clinic twice or thrice for realizing the effects of complete treatment. Sometimes mild anesthetic is used if the plaque formation is more troublesome. The oral parts like gums are numbed before the scaling process begins.

The advantageous feature of scaling and root planing is that you are able to easily maintain your oral hygiene. Usually, plaque is the reason for causing varied dental issues even severe ones like mouth cancer. To escape from all these problems, you need to visit your dentist every six months even though you may not experience any health issues. Regular cleaning of oral parts by the dentist helps to evade formation of plaque.

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