How To Decorate Your Home With The Right Chandelier

Your home is the place where you must feel at peace and surround yourself with positive energy. The best way to bring in positive energy into your home is by illuminating it with bright lights. The lights help in setting the mood of the house and can brighten up even the darkest corners. Furthermore, you get a chance to decorate your home according to your likes.

Sometimes people tend to crazy when choosing the kind of light fixtures. There are so many types, shapes, and sizes that can confuse a person and in the end, they end up spending more than anticipated. You need to choose light fixtures that fit your home like the perfect accessory. Chandeliers are a one-time investment that can completely change your interior.

There are different types of chandeliers that you can pick from such as a square chandelier, ring chandelier, raindrop chandelier, etc. If you need a one-stop-shop for your lighting needs then you can visit the website of Sofary. It is a light fixture designing and manufacturing company based in Seattle, Washington, USA. They provide even customize high-quality light fixtures at reasonable prices. Their website has different chandeliers and lights that you can browse through.

How to choose the right chandelier

  • Determine the type of chandelier: Each type provides a different vibe. A crystal chandelier is used to bring glamour, whereas a glass chandelier gives a modern and pleasant décor.
  • Measure the room: You should measure the width and length of the room and the total figure converted in inches should be the diameter of your chandelier.
  • Placement: You must understand the visual weight of the chandelier. A large chandelier in a small room could overwhelm the mood so make sure that you place it in the right place.

Places to hang your chandelier

The following are some spaces in your house that you can illuminate and make more welcoming, by installing a chandelier.

  • Over the dining table: If you have a separate dining area from your kitchen, then you can hang a chandelier on top which will add charm to your home interior. But keep in mind that your chandelier must complement the size of your dining table.
  • In the bedroom: You must make sure that the chandelier perfectly complements the surroundings and does not overwhelm or underwhelm it. You can hang a small chandelier above your bed in the bedroom to set a warm and romantic feel.
  • In the kitchen: Kitchens are usually the busiest places in every household. You must have enough light in the kitchen so you must choose the right chandelier that does not disrupt the feel of the kitchen but does not make it dull either.
  • In the living room: Living rooms are the first place that guests enter. The décor in this place must be welcoming and impressive for a first impression. A chandelier from the ceiling could bring charm and glamour in the home décor.


The points mentioned above show how important it is for you to carefully consider your home interior and then choose a chandelier. Make sure you go through all designs and seek professional help if necessary before committing to one fixture.