Know the Warnings or Dangers in Memphis To Stay Safe

Memphis is one of the beautiful cities in southeastern region of United States and it is the 2nd largest city in Tennessee State. It is popular for music, food, drinks, rare animal sightings, and more. Even though there are many interesting and attractive places in Memphis, you have to be very careful while visiting them.

Neighborhood of Mud Island and Beale Street are quite safe, Memphis citizens are even trying to make the popular place downtown safe again.

If you want to know more about the Memphis safe places and crime rate, then you must visit Memphis Crime Commission website. It is an independent, non-profitable organization that identifies and promotes evidence-based test practices. Also, they offer innovative crime prevention methods, local violence prevention, etc for the safety of the people in Memphis.

Here are few warnings or dangers in Memphis that help you in staying safe when you visit Memphis.

Overall risk in Memphis – medium

Memphis is regaining safety on the streets slowly. Areas like Beale Street are not much safe for the tourists. If you are little cautious and avoid visiting dangerous or deserted areas, then you can make your trip to Memphis successful and happy. Wherever you visit watch surroundings carefully because pickpockets are the major issue in Memphis.

Transport risk – low

Taxis and trolleys are considered to be the safest transportation facility available in downtown Memphis. In case you are familiar with the places, then you can travel by car, but follow the road rules properly. Also, observe others driving to avoid accidents.

MATA (Memphis Area Transit Authority) offers bus service to both locals and tourists that drive around the city. It’s not safe to walk alone for a longer distance, particularly at night. Even if you like to walk carry your wallet close to you and avoid carrying costly items and jewelry.

Stealing – high          

Purse-snatching, pick-pocketing, car thefts and car break-ins are common crimes in Memphis, especially when you visit Graceland. So, plan your visit to the place during day time, stay at hotel during night.

If you are driving lock the car doors properly and don’t place valuable things like camera, cell phone, etc on front seat. With this, the robbers may get inspire and break your car window for them. If you are walking be alert, if possible take your companions along with you.

Kidnapping risk – medium

In Memphis, the chances of getting kidnapped or mugged are moderate. Avoid wandering dangerous places, suspicious areas, neighborhoods, and getting into a dispute with an individual, who appears to be a group. Stick to main streets to enjoy your trip without any troubles.

Scams – medium

Mostly, in tourist places scam is very common, even Memphis is not an exception for it. So, be cautious of anything that tries to divert you, irregular signs in your path or tampered ATMs.

To enjoy the beauty of Memphis, plan your next vacation to Memphis today, be alert follow general rules and common sense to make your trip happy and memorable.