Common kitchen layouts to bring life to your old kitchen space

If you have shifted to a new house and want to change the kitchen design to suit your needs or if you simply wish to remodel your generation old kitchen – you must know that many kitchen layouts enhance the working space and ease of working in the kitchen. This greatly improves your ability to multitask on a busy morning or when you have to prepare a feast for a house party.

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Common kitchen layout and their advantages

  1. L-shaped kitchen
  • Central Kitchen Island is cornered by 2 adjoining walls.
  • It is a classic design for small families.
  • Creates an efficient working space in a small kitchen space.
  1. G-shaped kitchen
  • It is also called as the peninsular style of kitchen layout.
  • It is essentially a U-shaped design with an addition of a part of the fourth wall or peninsula.
  • This additional space serves as a way to provide additional storage cabinets.
  • You can make a pass-through in a nearby wall to make this design look more spacious.
  • It is good when your kitchen space is sandwiched between 2 rooms.
  • You can use the fourth wall to create a three-sided island to get all the advantages of an island kitchen while utilizing lesser space.
  1. U-shaped kitchen
  • The horse-shoe kitchen utilizes three walls instead of 2 as in an L-shaped kitchen.
  • It offers a good design for bigger kitchens; otherwise your kitchen can look a bit cramped up.
  • This is especially for you if you are likely going to spend a lot of your time cooking meals for family and friends.
  • It gives you additional storage space without comprising on easy movement.
  1. Galley kitchen
  • This design is recommended for a bit longer but narrower kitchens.
  • You get your working and storage cabinets on two opposite walls instead of adjoining walls.
  • This design does not allow the space for corner cabinets but will leave you with enough space to walk around in the middle.
  1. One wall or straight kitchen
  • This is an ideal design for very small homes.
  • All the kitchen space is concentrated along the longer wall.
  • You can save space without comprising the need for easy movement.
  1. Island kitchen
  • The idea of this design is to provide an additional island for sink and cabinet space.
  • You can add an island to any of the 5 layouts mentioned above and make your kitchen a central attraction of the house.
  • Use the island to keep appliances or mold it into a place for sitting; it has multiple advantages to offer.

The layout you will choose will greatly depend on the size of your kitchen to correctly establish the use of storage space, counter space, and space for moving around the kitchen. You don’t want to end with a layout that is beautiful but makes no space for movement and looks congested. Select the design as per your needs and make modifications as per the size of your kitchen.