Signs that Show Your Drains are Blocked or Damaged

Often drain blocking or clogging leads to grave plumbing problems that may also lead to leakage. It affects the strength of the infrastructure thus it is best to maintain the drains well and note the signs that show the drain is blocked or can soon get clogged.

Here are the signs that you need to be aware of

  • Certain areas at home will show the first tell-tale signs. Your bathroom, toilet and even your sink pipes start malfunctioning. While flushing the toilet, the water rises up or when your water in the bathroom or water in your bathtub refuse to drain out quickly is an indication of drainage issues. One of the fixtures is blocked then it may be the particular pipe clogging issue, but when all starts giving trouble the only solution is to check all your drainage system.
  • The rotting smell -Yes, the annoying smell occurs when the blocked material like food waste rot or decomposing of leaves let out such bad odour. You can smell it in the draining pipes at home or near the covers of the main drainage pipes.
  • Your home drains start sounding differently. It occurs because the air is trapped inside from one side as it is blocked. While running water aids the air to escape out.
  • Dampness on the walls and on the floor of your home. Internal leakage or pipes occur because of clogging. Actually, the water present in the pipes finds a way out to flow, thus dampens the surrounding parts slowly. It mainly happens when a sewage pipe breaks up under the soil of your home.

Now, you must be wondering about the main elements that are the culprits in clogging your drain. Mainly, it is food debris, garden waste like dried leaves and littered material surrounding your home. There are even chances of tree roots breaking down your place’s internal sewer pipes, thus creating a massive problem.  Some of the old tree roots are quite strong to crack pipes and spread its web inside the pipe space, thus clogging is sure to happen.

While you have the idea that your drainage system has a problem, then it is best to check the external pipes first. Mostly, the drainage problem always arises when an old pipe breaks out or when they have been clogged fully. The first thing to do is locate the problem providing pipes and then start cleaning them. However, it is always beneficial to leave the whole work to be done by professional well experienced plumbers. While in Sydney you can find ample of such plumbing services, thus wisely chose the best help.

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