Get Your Music on Deezer Streaming Service with MusicDigi

MusicDigi has a direct partnership with Deezer. It means you can sell your music album on their platform quickly and easily.

Technology and streaming have bought artists closer to their fans and listeners.

Why Deezer?

Deezer has transformed into a popular streaming service, since its launch in 2007. Currently, they have 40 million tracks in their library along with 30,000 radio stations. Deezer has more than 6 million paid subscribers and is available in 180+ countries.

Artists receive 100% royalties whenever anyone listens to their songs. So, how to get your music on Deezer? Is there plenty of paperwork involved? Do they take specific music types? What are the musician’s rights?

How to get your track on Deezer?

Deezer has prioritized content and gave support to labels and DIY musicians. The editorial team chooses the best releases for Deezer playlists. Flow is a personalized radio, where fans get to discover new artists.

Unsigned artists can sell their releases on Deezer with a distribution partner like MusicDigi. Your track is made available on major services and streaming platforms within 24 to 72 hours. Their annual fees are economical. Your royalties from the selling and streaming of your song get accumulated in your MusicDigi account. You can withdraw it anytime.

For artists who have a contract with a label don’t have to worry about getting on Deezer. If the label is in a partnership with Deezer then your album will get delivered directly. Otherwise, your label will contact Deezer.

How to prepare your online release on Deezer?

Your music quality is important. The distribution service will need it in a WAV format, 44.1 kHz, and 16-bits. Now, prepare the album cover to fulfill online needs. It will include a JPG image of 2400 x 2400 pixels along with your album title, and artist name on the cover. If a single is released then the title of the main single needs to appear on the album cover.

How much money artists can earn selling their music on Deezer?

Deezer does not disclose the exact amount an artist can earn per stream. Several factors are considered –

  • Listener’s location and country
  • The listener is a free or paid subscriber on Deezer
  • Artists royalty rate
  • Relative currency price in different countries

It is complicated, but your earning will go straight to your MusicDigi account.

Start music promotion

The music released on Deezer offers a great start but includes the links on your Facebook profile, your blog, other social profiles, etc. Inform your fans about the place they can enjoy your new release. You can even use your email list to generate album sales.

Blogs are also a great way for music promotion. You will find multiple genre-centric blogs, where bloggers post their independent music and even review. Organize an album release tour to keep the momentum rolling.

With streaming services, people are listening to a lot of worldwide artists. Today, fans listen to playlists a lot more and are exposed to discover new artists. When the time comes, they even purchase tracks of their favorite musician. Therefore, make sure to share your playlist with the world.