Valuable and Beneficial Features of HumCommerce Magic Plugin

E-commerce stores experience fierce competition and need a lot of SEO efforts. Activities like driving traffic towards your website, getting top-ranked in search results, delivering the best shopping experience, retaining customers, etc. are quite demanding. Driving traffic is not an easy task. It is a major challenge.

There are multiple reasons like costly paid ads, dwindling ROI on paid ads, SEO is time-consuming, social media effects, shorter attention span, etc. There is a solution to enhance your online store sales. You will need to increase conversions with generated current traffic. This means, you will need a conversion rate optimization [CRO] process. Optimizing conversion rate will help you lower customer acquisition cost. For example,

  • Currently, you are spending $2 per visit, the conversion rate is 5%. Therefore, your total spend is $2000 to get 50 customers.
  • Optimization can increase your conversion rate to say 10%, now you will get 100 customers spending $2000 [the same amount]. It is a great deal that justifies your ROI.

On the internet, there are innumerable CRO plugins, but HumCommerce is popular.

HumCommerce is a free WooCommerce Plugin. It is an all-in-one solution that integrates a plethora of great features. It helps you track your customer’s activities as well as identify the weaknesses in your eCommerce site. If you desire basic features then opt for a free version. For more impact, there are paid packages you get to choose from.

Valuable and Beneficial features of HumCommerce CRO plugin

Easy installation

You need to download the HumCommerce plugin from the official site.

After you get the plugin you can install it easily on your WordPress website.Then you will have to activate the plugin with your eCommerce website.

It does not require technical knowledge to use this plugin.
Simply download, install, and activate the WordPress HumCommerce plugin.
In a few minutes, you are done. Wait for about 24 hour to see the magic.

Visitor session recordings

It records your visitor’s behavior from the moment they land on your website.
It allows you to get an idea of how the visitors interact with every webpage like where they click or on which page, they spend more time or how they scroll.

For example, you placed ‘Add to Wish list’ and ‘Add to Cart’ next to one another on the product page. It was identified that visitors click ‘Add to Wish list’ first before clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ icon. The reason may be visitors find the icon ‘Add to Wish list’ prominent. With this data, you tweak the ‘Add to Cart’ design and get the anticipated result.

The session’s record highlights those areas of your website that are performing well. It even identifies the sections that are neglected and less frequent. You can customize the session recording. Right from configuring session number, choosing URLs, trigger the recordings, and sampling rate, or you can even hide specific data with ease.

User Behaviour Analysis

It allows you  to track visitors behaviour on your eCommerce website. HumCommerce will identify the broken links as well as pinpoint the recording where the user had faced an issue. You can use these insights and make the website work better. Thus, weed out the pages, CTA, forms that don’t work. You can even know the webpage that attracts more traffic and the ones that need improvement or more effort.

E-Commerce Cart Abandonment Insights

You get detailed insights on average order value, orders, revenue, cart abandonment, and more. The insight into the purchase cycle helps to enhance your CRO. You can focus and strategize on low performing products. HumCommerce gives you a magic report in the form of 20 recommended sessions daily that you can watch. These session recordings are flagged by HumCommerce without you having to do any analysis yourself.

Importance of HumCommerce Magic Plugin

HumCommerce Magic is a WordPress plugin that helps to find why your users don’t end up purchasing. Users get frustrated because of error messages during their sessions or due to clickable elements lead to nowhere [dead clicks]. Some even abandon their shopping cart without completing the purchase process.

Remember the abandoned cart costs mean a significant amount of revenue loss. So, you will need to plan a follow-up program to fix the cart abandonment issue. You can send a reminder email about their incomplete purchase. You can even offer coupon codes for encouraging them to finish the checkout.

Conversion optimization with the HumCommerce plugin helps to keep track, record, and analyze the frustrated user’s behavior. You can then take steps to fix the issue like adjust your misleading UI, fix generated errors, and correct broken links. The best part of conversion rate optimization is results are long term, but you need to test and tweak consistently.

Wrap Up

HumCommerce plugin is excellent for e-commerce sites in terms of –

  • Usability – Helps to collect a lot of information from different points. It specializes in the e-commerce niche and helps to monitor all kinds of errors on the website.
  • Interface– The UI of the HumCommerce Magic plugin is intuitive, so you can understand and use it with ease.
  • Outcome – HumCommerce tool is equipped with potent features that can help you in visitors’ behavioral analysis and conversion rate optimization.

HumCommerce is aptly suitable for your eCommerce store needs. It certainly helps you increase the conversion rate and overall revenue from your eCommerce business.

HumCommerce analyzes the data and helps you to draw the right conclusions. The plugin does the heavy lifting, which allows you to concentrate on your business growth.

Try the free HumCommerce Magic plugin today –