Different Ways of Smoking Cannabis – Which Is the Healthiest Method

Generally speaking, cannabis smoke contains the same carcinogens and toxins as in tobacco that damages your health, even if you choose the pesticide-free organic nuggets. However, some ways are less harmful, so let’s check different methods.

Vaping is a healthier alternative than smoking, but there are some aspects to consider seriously. There is evidence that prove inhaling vapid products including THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and vitamin E-acetate can have grave health issues. According to CDC, additives are associated with deaths due to the use of vaping products that damage lungs. The risk is applied to vaping concentrates, but not flowers.

Research has revealed that vaping raw cannabis is less harmful to the respiratory system than concentrates. However, there is a need for extensive and long in-depth research. Nevertheless, there is also the subject of potency. This means the chances to overdo increases while vaping.

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Methods of smoking cannabis



  • Water traps soluble molecules, heavy particles, and toxins. Thus, they don’t enter your airway and you get a smooth and clean smoke.
  • Tars get separated from the smoke. The residue gets stuck on the inner walls rather than get inhaled.
  • Water cools the smoke making it cool to inhale.
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Cumbersome and fragile
  • Change water every time or the smoke will taste bad



  • They resemble traditional cigarettes
  • Easy to dispose of, so no need to carry a joint butt around.
  • Weed becomes sticky as resin build-up, so the experience grows stronger.
  • Enjoy bigger pulls and hits.


  • Weeds get wasted faster because cannabis gets burnt rapidly.
  • Joint smells like resin and dank.
  • Learning to smoke a joint properly needs patience.
  • Rolling a joint in a flimsy paper is challenging.



  • Wraps used to roll blunts is tobacco leaf, so the aftertaste resembles tobacco products.
  • Blunt wraps are thicker, so rolling is much easy than joints.
  • Holds more cannabis, so people enjoy more head buzz.
  • Blunts burn 1.5 times slowly than joints.
  • Blunt smells like smoking a cigarette.


  • Even after removing tobacco from the cigar, there are toxin residues like nitrosamines.
  • Cigar wraps are porous, so burning is incomplete.
  • Entire blunt smoking is equal to smoking 6 joints.



  • You get stoned powerfully.
  • You can feel the kick instantly.
  • Easy to use as there is less odor.
  • Carrying and storing is easy.
  • Dabs use concentrates, so it offers a high without extra plant matter.
  • You get more enjoyment with little concentrate than you could with dry nuggets.
  • Easy on lungs and even your pocket.
  • The flavor is clean and tasty because there is no dry plant matter present. Therefore, you hardly ingest resin and tar associated with dry herbs.


  • Needs intense heat from a blowtorch, which increases the concern of getting stolen.
  • The potency of the concentrate can cause blackouts, an increase in heart rates, and paranoia.
  • Poor production of concentrate can hamper its quality and cause health issues.

There are other non-smoking ways to use cannabis. It includes edibles, tinctures, sublingual, topical, and suppositories. The choice of smoking cannabis method is subjective but make sure to never share joints and keep your bongs clean. Even use premium quality products bought from licensed dispensaries.