Why Brass Is Mostly Used to Make Door Knobs?

There are a variety of doorknobs available these days made with different materials. However, among all kinds of materials mostly brass is used to create most of the doorknobs. Here we are going to find out why brass is considered for doorknobs despite the availability of other metals.

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About Brass

It is an alloy made up of both copper and zinc. It is known for its attractive appearance as well as its properties such as high strength, extreme durability, spark resistance, corrosion resistance, susceptibility to plating while retaining integral core strength, etc. It is mostly used in areas and projects that involves low friction.

Brass for doorknobs

In earlier times, brass was used for making door knobs, but after a certain period, its popularity and necessity declined among people. Also, after winning the revolutionary war, America started replacing goods supplied by Europe and that is when the manufacturing of doorknobs was greatly affected.

Also, in the colonial period, doorknobs were not even considered a necessity instead people were using only latches to lock their doors. However, in the late 1800s, brass became the most used metal for doorknobs. In the recent times, brass has made its comeback as a prerequisite material for the manufacturing of the doorknobs.

Different brass is used for the manufacturing of the doorknobs

There are certain different types of brass that are being used in doorknobs and they are:

  • Bright brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Satin Brass

These kinds of brass adds a different charm and elegance to the appearance of the door giving it an ornate look. For example, the Satin brass with a golden tone gives the doorknob a warm, elegant, and aesthetic look. However, these brass-made door knobs are well suited to the doors painted with warm colors.

Why brass is most acceptable for manufacturing doorknobs?

Brass is mostly used for doorknobs due to its unique resistance against corrosion, spark, scratches, and extreme durability. Apart from these qualities, it is also believed to have self-disinfecting as well as anti-bacterial features. Even health officials confirm that micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses find it hard to survive over the brass surface.

The brass shows a unique chemical reaction that makes it hard for bacterial growth as well as shows a bactericidal effect. Scientists have named this reaction as an oligodynamic effect. According to this, the metal possesses a toxic effect that hinders normal bacterial growth as well as inhibits their usual living process to kill them.


Due to its unique properties brass is considered superior among all other metals for manufacturing doorknobs.