4 Tips That Will Help You Decide Which Aviator or Wayfarer Sunglasses Frames to Use

Wayfarers, and aviators, are the most famous styles of sunglasses in fashion eyewear. The choice between a wayfarer and an aviator is a difficult one. Both are cool and stylish sunglasses for men. But one style may suit you better than the other.

There are many misconceptions about these frame shapes. Both frames are close in style, and they’re loved by many. You should consider the following criteria when choosing one or the other. Let’s now look at the differences and give you 4 tips to choose between a wayfarer and aviator sunglasses.

  1. Fashion as a personal experience
  2. Face Shape
  3. Nose Bridge
  4. Cheek Bones

How to Choose Between Wayfarer and Aviator Sunglasses?

How can you decide which of these classic sunglasses for men looks best? Below are 4 tips that will help you choose between aviators and wayfarer sunglasses.

1. Fashion Sense: Personal Fashion

Pairs of Aviator sunglasses are the best choice for those who want to look cool and classic. These glasses add a masculine look to your outfit. These fashion staples can be worn with a variety of outfits, including a pair of jeans and white tea, to complete a sophisticated look or a more tailored suit. The perfect sunglasses to transform and enhance any look are Aviators.

If you prefer a relaxed style or prefer streetwear fashion, then a pair of Wayfarer Sunglasses are the best choice. This pair will look great with every outfit you have and add a cool touch of style to your outfits. Wayfarer shades will suit anyone who loves being outdoors and long days on the beaches. These glasses are inspired by Stranger Things sunglasses / or / Steve Harrington sunglasses.

2. Face Shape

If your face is more oblong and vertical than it is round, then wayfarers will look great on you.

Pairs of aviators for a rounder face will make you look more attractive and flattering.

To determine which style to wear between the two, you can try on both styles to see which best suits your face. This is about finding a balance. Aviators are best for round faces, and wayfarers work well for longer faces.

3. Nose Bridge

The bridge of the nose is an important factor that will help you choose the best shape for sunglasses.

Pairs of aviators with high bridges will give you the best fit and comfort. Wayfarers can be too high, which could cause discomfort after a long day.

Wayfarers are more comfortable for those with middle or low nose bridges. The best sunglasses for you will be able to rest comfortably on your nose. However, you should experiment with all the styles to ensure that you get the best fit and comfort.

4. Cheek Bones

Wayfarer-style sunglasses are better for those with high cheekbones. They are smaller in height than standard sunglasses and won’t be touching your cheeks. Aviator sunglasses can be quite tall and can end up resting on the cheeks.

For those with lower cheekbones, you have two options: aviators or wayfarers. They will both work for you and are an ideal fit without being too high up or touching your cheeks.