TEREA For IQOS Iluma Stick: How Are They Different To HEETS?

The built-in blade is the primary distinction between them and HEETS. A steel plate that has been heated by induction may be found within the tobacco bag.

These sticks are designed to work exclusively with the IQOS iluma, which does not come equipped with a blade of any kind. As a result of the fact that mini cigarettes are closed on all sides, carbon deposits do not develop in the heating chamber, and there are no tobacco crumbs that are left behind. The disagreeable notes that are typical of IQOS have been eliminated as a result of this innovation, which has resulted in a significant improvement in the sticks’ flavor.

User feedback indicates that the newly designed bag offers a great deal of convenience. There is no requirement to clean the gadget, and there is no possibility of the blades becoming damaged. The usage of IQOS iluma has grown less complicated and more pleasurable, and its sticks now taste better and have a stronger aroma. We are going to go into further depth about them.

Terea Turquoise

The flavor has been characterized as having notes of mildly toasted tobacco and spices in addition to crisp menthol. Reviews have stated that it has a flavor that is quite similar to that of menthol cigarettes.

Their power is about average or maybe even a little bit lower. The flavor is reminiscent of the discontinued Turquoise Label brand.

Mauve Wav

The description and customer reviews indicate that these small cigarettes have a flavor that is reminiscent of fresh menthol with undertones of wild berries.

The sticks have a strong aroma, yet they do not have a chemical smell. The fortress is considered medium but is getting closer to light. They will achieve the same level of success as Purple Wave, in my estimation.


Sticks of Terea burgundy, whose name translates to either “red” or “red-brown” in English, They have a robust flavor that is characterized by roasted tobacco and malt, and they are quite potent.


Terea Bronze is a shade of brown that has a metallic bronze shine. It is not necessary to provide a translation for the name of the sticks because it is understandable. Their flavor is reminiscent of smooth tobacco, with chocolate and dried fruit undertones.


The flavor of roasted tobacco is mingled with notes of tea and woodiness in this blend. Those that smoke say that it is quite comparable to smoking cigarettes. They are fairly potent, and one piece is sufficient for a satisfying smoke.


A brown package that contains Terea sticks, the name of which can be translated as “teak tree.” The description indicates that this is a combination of traditional tobacco with undertones of creaminess and nuttiness.

It has a delightful aroma and a potency that is only a little higher than usual. This taste, which has a nutty quality, is familiar to us thanks to Teak Selection.


The scent is fairly potent, but it is neither harsh nor chemical. Fortress refers to a level that is middle to somewhat higher. Nothing new, just the same tastes as the Amber HEETS.


These little cigarettes are not potent, but they have a really pleasant aroma, and their saturation level is comparable to Yellow Selection.


The description indicates that this is superb roasted tobacco with a hint of spicy-herbal undertones.


These are sticks that have a mellow tobacco blend and a strong menthol flavor, with a touch of peppermint thrown in for good measure. It has a highly reviving quality, and those who enjoy a chilly freshness will enjoy it. It is a tall fortification.