Tips For Making The Assisted Living Facility Feel Like Home

The move of an elderly person into an assisted living facility can be a crucial turning point in their lives. The transition to a new setting may appear to be difficult at first, but many things can be done to make the assisted living facility feel more like home. This article covers helpful techniques and strategies that can be used to create a cozy and familiar environment that fosters comfort, contentment and a sense of belonging in its readers.

Personalize The Living Space

One of the first steps in making an assisted living facility feel like home is personalizing the living space. Bring cherished belongings such as family photos, favorite blankets, or familiar decorations to add a touch of familiarity. Arrange the furniture in a way that is comfortable and reminiscent of the previous home. This personal touch can go a long way in creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Decorate With Familiar Items

Another efficient method for producing a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in the living space is to decorate it with well-known objects. When decorating the walls or shelves, you can make use of cherished artwork, souvenirs, or antiques. These goods not only contribute to an improved aesthetic, but they also serve the purpose of bringing back pleasant memories and evoking associations with comfortable settings.

Establish A Daily Routine

Maintaining a familiar routine can provide a sense of stability and security. Work with the assisted living facility staff to establish a daily routine that aligns with the resident’s preferences and habits. Consistency in daily activities such as meals, exercise, social interactions, and recreational programs can help create a comforting routine that mimics the familiarity of home.

Participate In Social Activities

Engaging in social activities is crucial for fostering a sense of belonging and community. Encourage the resident to participate in group outings, game nights, arts and crafts sessions, or other activities offered by the assisted living facility. By connecting with fellow residents and building relationships, the facility will begin to feel more like an extended family.

Maintain Contact With Loved Ones

Making the assisted living facility feel like home requires maintaining contact with family and friends. Encourage family members to visit, call, or use video chat frequently. Technology has a big part to play in bridging the gap and preserving long-lasting partnerships. To provide privacy and deep connections, assisted living homes frequently have specialized spaces or rooms for individual discussions or video calls.

Embrace The Surroundings

Encouraging residents to embrace their new surroundings can help them feel more at home. Take walks in the facility’s gardens, explore common areas, or engage in activities that allow for full enjoyment of the available amenities. By appreciating the beauty and unique features of the assisted living facility, residents can develop a genuine attachment to their new environment.

Engage With Staff Members

Building a positive relationship with the facility’s staff can contribute significantly to a homely atmosphere. Encourage open communication and express any concerns or needs to the staff members. Establishing trust and familiarity with the caregivers will foster a sense of security and assurance, making the assisted living facility feel like a supportive and caring home.


Although transitioning to an assisted living facility can initially feel overwhelming, there are numerous ways to make it feel like home. By personalizing the living space, incorporating familiar items, establishing routines, engaging in social activities, maintaining connections with loved ones, embracing the surroundings, and building relationships with staff, seniors can create a warm and comforting environment that promotes a true sense of belonging and happiness.